Our Aim

Aims & Objectives

Our Aim

To provide a civic platform through which Nigerian citizens can constructively engage with government to demand democratic accountability, rule of law and people centred development


Our Objectives

To create an inclusive space for citizens to participate in governance and make democracy work in Nigeria

To contribute to change in government policies through informed and evidence based research

To contribute to the entrenchment of participatory governance through the inclusion and participation of citizens in legislative governance and law-making processes at the Local, State and Federal levels

To contribute to the realization of the human rights of oil impacted communities in the Niger Delta region through engagements and collaborations with civil society coalitions in campaigns, advocacy, institutional engagement, lobbying and enlightenment programmes

To protect the socio-economic, political and cultural rights of women, children and minority groups

To engage in public debates on issues of national development

To provide sensitization to citizens of public issues and creating a platform for debate, dialogue and engagement.

To provide litigation support and access to justice to victims of human rights violations

To deepen democratic values and rule of law through civic and political education, social enlightenment programmes, media campaigns, advocacy and institutional engagement

To work with trade unions, student bodies, social movements and the media in promoting and demanding for social justice through non-violent campaigns and social actions.

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